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10 Reasons Synagogues Are Using Congregation Connect

Congregation Connect is a managed application on the Salesforce platform for synagogues to manage their members.

Below, we have compiled a list of the top 10 reasons Synagogues are using Congregation Connect.

1. It’s in the cloud.

Congregation Connect is completely based online and can be accessed anywhere, at any time –  as long as you have internet access! You are no longer limited to servers or your office computer. Easily connecting with your congregation, and having a dynamic, up-to-date view of your organization has never been easier. Our scheduled releases are automatically pushed into the system, without requiring you to download or install anything.

2. It’s mobile!

Yes, more than being cloud-based, Congregation Connect is easily accessible from your mobile phone or tablet. With a simple navigation menu and intuitive functionality, you can have a 360 degree view of your synagogue at any given moment. A few screen clicks is all it takes to record a visit with a congregant, update contact information, or create an internal follow-up task. These are just some use cases of what can be done with Salesforce1 – the mobile app.

3. It’s for synagogues.

Congregation Connect was designed to suit the religious needs of synagogues. With 3 complete synagogue modules (Financials, Membership, School) we have all the components you need to manage your organization. Some of our most popular features includes Yahrzeit tracking, Torah readings (Aliyot), automatic Hebrew date conversions, and Religious/Hebrew School enrollment.

4. It’s functional.

Being a synagogue administrator can be a rather complex position with multiple duties and various details and task to track. Congregation Connect offers an abundance of functions to cover all your operating needs. For example, you can carry out household/contact management, membership renewals, credit card processing, monthly statements, birthday tracking and event attendance – all from a singular location.

5. It’s personal.

With Congregation Connect, everyone has their own user login to access the system. This is a great, structured manner to assign records to a specific user and track any changes made in the system. Constituent management has never been easier!

6. It’s Salesforce.

Congregation Connect is a custom application that was created to accommodate the common needs of all synagogues. It is entirely built on the Salesforce platform which means that system can be further extended to utilize additional Salesforce functionalities. The cloud is the limit.

7. It’s Cloud for Good.

Congregation Connect is a product created and maintained by Cloud for Good. As our tagline says, “we are Salesforce professionals that speak fluent nonprofit.” When implementing Congregation Connect, you are in the best hands with the the brightest consultants in the nonprofit Salesforce technology space.

8. It’s app happy.

Salesforce is notably popular for it’s large AppExchange marketplace that enhances your Salesforce usage. Just like applications can be added to your phone or your computer, extra applications can be added to Salesforce to extend its functionality. FormAssembly (app to create forms that integrate with Salesforce) and Apsona (app to run mail merges and data management) are some examples of extra features that can be added to your organization.

9. It’s congregation friendly.

The Congregation Connect portal is a great way to unite your congregation in an online community. More than peer collaboration, users can update their contact information, submit donations, pay membership dues and open invoices, print tax letters, register for events and more! And last, but certainly, not least…

10. It’s community friendly.

With Congregation Connect, you have access to our private online community group where you can collaborate with other synagogues and Congregation Connect users. This is a great resource for synagogues to connect and share ideas, suggest new features and remain current when it comes to releases and enhancements.

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