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Deliver Better Programs

Connected Clergy

Your team is most likely juggling multiple responsibilities every day to help you achieve your mission. With so many responsibilities it is essential that your staff doesn’t get stuck spending valuable time on manual tasks that can be automated. That is where Congregation Connect can help. The application can improve your efficiencies and maximize your value by allowing you to better utilize your time.  We will help you work smarter and faster.

Congregation Connect helps clergy and lay leaders ensure members receive the services they need. Make sure that everyone in your congregation is cared for by keeping track of services, visits, calls, and emails.


Class & Group Management

Small groups are a proven way to improve spiritual growth and create a sense of community. With Congregation Connect individuals can find groups in their area, create new groups, connect with other individuals and share. The group members can access an online, mobile friendly, secured portal to stay connected with others in the group. Your staff can easily communicate with the group members with little to no administrative burden.  An organization wide group could also be created to facilitate larger conversations.

With out class module you can:

  • Track detailed class/ workshop information: name, date, time, and capacity, for every meeting
  • Enrollment Information – Track enrollment name, date and drop out information
  • Website Integration – Collect enrollment information from your website directly into Congregation Connect, including duplicates search and a payment Integration
  • Facility module – Collect information about the meeting’s location (capacity, parking, etc)
  • Facilitator/ teacher module – Collect information about the meeting’s primary facilitator (name, availability, a short description, etc)
  • Meeting attendance module – Batch attendance updating