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Engage and Strengthen Your Community

At the heart of every organization are passionate individuals. Staff members willing to go the extra mile, volunteers willing to step up, and supporters to help maintain the momentum. Ensuring that everyone is on the same page can be a challenge. Congregation Connect can help your organizations engage and strengthen their relationships by harnessing technology to support your mission.  Maximize your time by utilizing Congregation Connect to give greater visibility throughout the organization.



Long email strings, lost attachments, and missed phone calls are a thing of the past. Let Congregation Connect help your organization harness the power of collaboration through our congregant collaboration tools. With our solution everyone can stay up to date- even volunteers and board members. Collaboration is key to achieving your mission; Congregation Connect harnesses the power of the Salesforce platform to help you realize the power of collaboration.

Holding The Sky


Imagine all of your constituent, member, donor, and volunteer interactions available at the click of a button. With Congregation Connect and the power of the Salesforce platform we help you serve your community better by staying informed. Let Congregation Connect guide out of the forest of spreadsheets  and on to one of the world’s most powerful platforms for faith based organizations.