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School Registration Doesn’t Have to be Hard!

Photo credits: pixabay.com

Photo credits: pixabay.com

Does your synagogue have a Hebrew Day/Religious School program? Do you wish that you could better manage your students and enrollments? With the Congregation Connect School Module, having a 360° view of your school has never been so easy. Our School Module takes the hard work out of classroom management and provides a streamlined process to record your data.

Let’s start with the students, otherwise known as Contacts. Use the Contact record to store pertinent and personal information for each student. Customized fields to store medical information and emergency contacts are already included within the module. The Household Account record will also provide further insights into the student, such as parent names and with their contact information.


The Class object is used for each course offered within your school. For example, you may have a separate Class for each grade up until 4th grade. The 5th and 6th grade classes may have a beginner and advanced track so you would be able create separate class records for each. Meetings represent the actual sessions that each class has. The 2nd grade may meet weekly on Wednesday at 4:00 pm. The 6th grade advanced class may meet weekly, on Mondays & Thursdays at 6:00 pm. You can use the Schedule Meetings tool to quickly create all the meeting records by selecting the date parameters for these meetings.

To enroll students in a class, simply create an enrollment record, linking a Contact to a Class. You can indicate their enrollment date and drop-out information, as needed. As you enroll students, the number of Enrolled Students on the Class record will update with the current total.

On Thursday, September 22nd ,the 6th grade advanced class has their weekly meeting. Attendance can be easily recorded by using the Attendance button on the meeting record. As you see below, marking attendance or an absence for each enrolled student (dropped-out students are not included here) is simplified with the our School Module.

Meeting Attendance

Congregation Connect’s School Module offers additional features such as the Send Email button on the Class record which enables you to directly email enrolled students, their parents, or both. Transactions can be linked to Enrollments in order to better track payments, allowing for in-depth  financials analysis. At the conclusion of a school year, the Class Deep Clone button helps you move all your currently enrolled students into a new Class, as they progress to the next grade.

You can further expand the functionality and ease of the School Module by integrating FormAssembly registration forms to your Congregation Connect instance. Parents can register their children, select the appropriate grade level(s), and confirm tuition payment plans -all from the same place! All of that information will be automatically entered into Congregation Connect.

Congregation Connect is a managed application on the Salesforce.com platform, granting you access to it’s native reporting tools. You can create robust and flexible reports to analyze your school’s performance.

Contact us  to learn how you can optimize your usage of Congregation Connect to optimize your school’s registrations, enrollments and overall management.

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